Pendragon Chambers and Covid-19

Pendragon Chambers and Covid-19

Pendragon Chambers and Covid-19

At this unprecedented time all members are up to date with the Guidance from the President of the Family Division and are familiar with the template orders for remote working.

We will be using Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype for business), the preferred option. Please see the Presidents Guidance issued on the 19.3.10 which contains links to information about this system.

As of the 19.3.20 the President of the Family Court has indicated that some hearings will still need to be dealt with by some if not all of the participants physically attending but that there will be a remote directions hearing first to plan ways in which this can be done as safely as possible. All barristers at Pendragon Chambers and their clerks are committed to making the system work for you and our clients.

Vacating and re-listing hearings

Part of the process we are currently undertaking, is to relieve some of the pressure on our clients for upcoming hearings as well as address directions made or to be considered. We understand that in some cases hearings will be vacated and re-listed. There remains relevant issues in those cases so in some matters, we are assisting in negotiating with the parties, and drafting additional orders, to progress matters remotely. We are happy to assist you in any such matters.

Holding hearings by telephone or video conference

We do already hold conferences by telephone, but anticipate our counsel will be happy to meet virtually online via Microsoft Teams/ Zoom or a secure platform that reassures the lay clients they are being listened to and updated during their case.

Client conferences

We are able to undertake all levels of client conference by video or telephone subject to the client preference.


It is likely that only urgent matters requiring court time will be undertaken and the pressure on the judiciary to address that remains. We are in constant communication with the Courts, FLBA and all government platforms for up-to-date guidance.

If there are any matters you wish to discuss with us, we are only too happy to assist either through the clerks or directly to your counsel. We appreciate the pressures that you are no doubt under and any assistance we can give is offered. So please contact us if we can assist.

We hope you and your colleagues remain safe and well,

Kindest regards

All at Pendragon Chambers

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