Direct Access

Direct Access Barristers in Swansea

What is Public Access/Direct Access

Public Access (also known as Direct Access) is a recent change to the law which enables Barristers to take on work from clients without the need for a Solicitor. Whether you are a Business, organisation or individual member of the public, you are now able to instruct a Barrister directly.

In Public Access cases you will be the one running your own case, but will have the specialist knowledge and guidance from a Barrister before going to court – where the Barrister can represent you. Public Access is a flexible service which means that you can decide how much or how little assistance you require from your legal professional. This bespoke method gives clients the ability to save money and have more of a say in the process.

What we can offer you

Our chambers offer a range of options to you in any Public Access case. Your service can be tailored to your needs and our Barristers have a wealth of experience in various fields. You can view individual members’ profiles via the members section of the website. All of our Public Access Barristers are accredited and registered with the Bar Standards Board.

What’s so different about Public Access

The usual way to instruct a Barrister is by first instructing a Solicitor. A Solicitor will help to organise and run the case for you but this can sometimes be an unnecessary expense. With Public Access you can instruct a Barrister directly, to advise and represent you at court. Whilst this may seem daunting, many of our Barristers have experience working in Solicitors’ offices; they can advise and assist you in running your case effectively. Our Barristers will always consider your needs, if it becomes apparent that you would benefit from hiring a Solicitor (for example if the case becomes very complicated) we will help to advise you of your options.

Direct Access for Housing Matters
Direct Access for Private Family law
Direct Access for Ancillary Relief and Divorce

If you want to learn more about public access and whether this is the right option for you, the Bar Council web site provides further information at Alternatively please feel free to contact our clerks on 01792 411188 or email for further information on what services we can offer. At Pendragon Chambers we are happy to accept direct access/public access instructions in suitable cases.